BJD Consulting

B.J.D. Consulting Services Ltd offers to financial institutions and SMEs a number of bespoke finance-related solutions which, either together or separately, make for a unique and dynamic proposition in what continue to be uncertain market conditions, where relationship management and cost control are of paramount importance. B.J.D. was founded and is managed by Brian Donnelly.

 The main roles which Brian has held include the following: 

  • Responsible for the Barclays Group’s management of relationships and of credit for UK financial institutions (FIs) – 1990/2000
  • Managed Singer & Friedlander’s (S&F) global relationships and credit for FIs and raising of wholesale funding – 2000/2006
  • Head of Investor Relations and FIs for S&F – 2006/2007
  • Head of Group Debt Investor Relations for Kaupthing Bank – 2007/2008
  • Chief Relationship Officer for Singers Asset Finance – 2009/2012
  • Founder & Managing Director of BJD Consulting Services Ltd – 2009/present 

Brian’s last five roles have all been new, showing his ability to create solutions from a clean sheet of paper, and overall, his experience - now spread over 5 decades and a variety of economic environments – puts him in an excellent position to help clients.