Associate Network

Due to the length of Brian’s career, and the breadth of his network contacts, BJD is able to offer, together with his carefully-chosen associates, a wide range of financial-related services, which together with its own specialist areas, can give clients a one-stop solution for so many of the common issues facing them today.

Other specialist financing areas include:

  • Leasing and Hire Purchase of vehicles, equipment, plant and machinery
  • Commercial mortgages

Issues which face many businesses surround the hedging of both foreign currency and interest rate exposures. BJD has agreements in place to refer clients in a professional way to specialists in these fields. Further specialist associates can assist with:

  • Business Process Outsourcing and Asset Servicing
  • Sales of commercial and residential mortgages, both performing and non-performing
  • Wealth management and insurance
  • The raising of private equity
  • Management of all processes related to physical cash management and merchant acquiring
  • Sale of distressed assets

Overall, clients of BJD can benefit from the many years of experience of Brian Donnelly and his chosen associates.