Associate Network

Due to the length of Brian’s career, and the breadth of his network contacts, BJD is able to offer, together with its carefully-chosen associates, a wide range of financial-related services, which together with its own specialist areas, can give clients a one-stop solution for so many of the common issues facing them today.

Other specialist financing areas include:

  • Loans to SMEs for all purposes including property-related
  • Leasing and Hire Purchase of vehicles, equipment, plant and machinery

Issues which face many businesses surround the hedging of both foreign currency and interest rate exposures. BJD has agreements in place to refer clients in a professional way to specialists in these fields. Further specialist associates can assist with:

  • Business Process Outsourcing and Asset Servicing
  • Wealth management and insurance

Brian was recently a founding member of an exciting new company called The Hub, which provides an exchange for unlisted companies, helping them to raise new funding, and providing related services to them, as well as investors and syndicates.